Tertiary funding allocations for 1997

  • Wyatt Creech

Education Minister Wyatt Creech has announced that the Caretaker Government has made an interim funding decision for tertiary institutions for 1997.

Tertiary institutions are waiting for details of how tertiary funding will be allocated for the 1997 academic year.

The announcement has been worked through in line with the Caretaker Government convention. I have consulted with other political parties and a decision has been taken to make the announcement now, Mr Creech said.

Our announcement merely gives effect to the funding allocations recommended by the Ministry of Education. These are based on the available funds set out in the 1996 Budget.

As a Caretaker Government we have accepted the detail of the Ministrys recommendations. It would be inappropriate to do anything else under the constitutional conventions we are governing under, Mr Creech said. We have just formalised the recommendations received from the Ministry of Education.

Even though the Government is still to be formed, we believe this announcement is needed to assist the tertiary sector with planning.

My consultations with the education spokespeople from other political parties over the tertiary funding announcement indicate that tertiary institutions should be able to work on the basis that they will get no less funding than these new allocations announced for 1997.

Mr Creech said tertiary funding would no doubt be discussed during coalition talks.

The Ministry of Education will contact tertiary institutions tomorrow (Thursday) informing them of the details of the funding decisions.

Mr Creech noted that media speculation that an announcement would not be made until the Government was formed had been incorrect and caused unnecessary concern among tertiary institutions. This speculation has been proved completely wrong with todays announcement.