Terms of Negotiation signed with Te Atiawa and Taranaki iwi

  • Christopher Finlayson
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

The 150th anniversary of the start of the Taranaki land wars was marked today by signing of Terms of Negotiation with two of the iwi of Taranaki, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Christopher Finlayson announced.

The Crown signed Terms of Negotiation, setting out a process for settling the historical claims of Te Atiawa and Taranaki iwi under the Treaty of Waitangi, in separate ceremonies.

"It's appropriate that we mark this day in our shared history by signing Terms of Negotiation which are forward looking and outline agreed guiding principles for the future relationship between the Crown, and Te Atiawa and Taranaki iwi," Mr Finlayson said.

Prime Minister John Key, Minister of Maori Affairs Dr Pita Sharples, and Mr Finlayson visited Owae Marae to sign Terms of Negotiation with the Te Atiawa Iwi Authority. Mr Finlayson signed Terms of Negotiation with Taranaki Iwi Trust at Pūniho Pa.

"The Taranaki land wars unfairly labelled Taranaki Māori as rebels," Mr Finlayson said. "The resulting large scale confiscations of land under the New Zealand Settlements Act had a devastating effect on iwi and left them unable to sustain their whanau and hapū."

"Taranaki 150 years ago was not the peaceful place you see today. The first shots of the land wars were fired at Waitara, and conflict continued in the Taranaki for 21 years."

The Taranaki land wars, the large scale confiscation of land that followed, and the invasion of Parihaka in 1881 and its aftermath have been acknowledged by the Crown in the Waitangi Tribunal as an injustice and as breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi.

"We hope today marks a new beginning in the Crown's ongoing relationship with the two tribes of Taranaki Iwi and Te Atiawa."

Terms of Negotiation outline the ground rules and objectives for each party in conducting negotiations.