Teachers Miss Out In Pay Talks

  • Wyatt Creech

"Secondary school teachers will end the school year today (Friday) without a pay increase," Education Minister Wyatt Creech said.

"I am very disappointed that the secondary teachers' union, the PPTA has not been able to negotiate a final settlement with the Ministry of Education.

"The Government has come up with a very attractive offer where new graduate teachers would earn $34,000, up from $29,000 and teachers at the top of the pay scale $50,000 up from $47,100.

"I went into bat for the $112 million extra needed to fund the secondary teacher pay increases because I wanted teachers to be paid significantly more and I wanted to show the Government was serious about getting the contract settled.

"The PPTA has however responded with a lack of energy in the pay talks or desire to settle the contract. This is very worrying," Mr Creech said.

"The PPTA is so distracted trying to stop schools from entering direct resourcing of teachers' salaries that they have forgotten every other teacher in the country.

"I would urge the PPTA to put its political agenda to one side and think of teachers first. It is not too late to get a pay settlement before Christmas. The PPTA needs to start negotiating seriously so the new pay rates can come into effect," Mr Creech said.

"The PPTA's attempt to blame the lack of progress on the Government is futile. Each time the PPTA has its attention distracted to internal disputes and to battling the direct resourcing of teachers salaries it costs teachers $3.9 million a month.

"Teaching needs to be an attractive profession financially. The PPTA's lack of action is costing teachers on the ground pay rises," Mr Creech said.