Te Reo Maori Resourcing in Education

  • Parekura Horomia
Maori Affairs

Maori Affairs and Associate Education Minister, Parekura Horomia says improved consultation between the education sector and Maori communities has borne fruit, but more can be done to ensure effective targeting of te Reo Maori resourcing.

Mr Horomia made the comments when he launched Te Puni Kokiri’s audit report in “Maori language resourcing” at the opening of a new administration block at Omahu Bilingual School in Hawkes Bay today.

The report showed approximately $21 million is available for Maori language resourcing in schools each year - $7 million for the development of books and other resources, while $13.8 million went directly to schools.

Mr Horomia said there is genuine goodwill and understanding in the community, as well as an increasing demand to learn Maori language.

“Results from the latest Maori language survey showed that more young people are speaking and using te reo Maori. Also, young women are likely to be proficient speakers te reo Maori well.

“There are now over 22,000 school students receiving parts of their education in te reo Mäori, and that number will continue to grow. Teachers must have both the skills and resources to ensure our young people are provided with the best education possible.”

Mr Horomia said the answer is not necessarily more money, but better use of the money and resources that is already being spent in this area.

“The range and quality of Maori language resources in schools have improved in the past decade including the development of on-line resources and levelled readers for junior classes. But ongoing work is needed to match resources to the needs of students, teachers and their communities.”

The Ministry of Education will report back on developments in the New Year.