Te Mangai Paho Board Appointments

  • Maurice Williamson

The Minister of Communications, the Hon Maurice Williamson, today announced the appointment of Joanna Paul and Fiona Adds as new Members of the Board of Te Mangai Paho, the Maori broadcasting funding agency, and the reappointment of Toby Curtis and Frank Solomon. Mr Curtis has been appointed as the Chairperson. The appointments have been made following consultation with the Minister of Maori Affairs.

Te Mangai Paho's primary function is to promote Maori language and Maori culture by making funds available, on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit, for broadcasting and the production of programmes to be broadcast.

Following the review of Te Mangai Paho the Government agreed, earlier this year, that Te Mangai Paho should remain as a stand along organisation but be strengthened. A strong and competent Board was seen as a critical element of the Government's Maori broadcasting policy and these appointments are a first step in strengthening the agency and to assist it to manage its expanded role in relation to Maori language television.

Ms Paul is a well-known Auckland-based television personality with wide ranging skills in television programme production. She currently runs three companies specialising in media consultancy, training, film and television production. She also writes and presents for television.

Ms Adds has extensive business and management experience and runs her own accountancy practice in Wellington, Pareaarau, Chartered Accountants.

"Ms Paul and Ms Adds have a wide range of broadcasting and business management experience, which will enhance the existing skills and experience of Te Mangai Paho's Board members" said the Minister. "Messrs Curtis and Solomon are long-standing members of the Board, who bring to their positions a wealth of knowledge about Maori broadcasting and the work of Te Mangai Paho".

Mr Williamson also commended the contribution made to Te Mangai Paho by Ian Cormack who has advised that, because of other work pressures, he wishes to retire.

Ms Paul and Ms Adds will take up their appointments on 1 January for a period of two years. Mr Curtis and Mr Solomon have appointed for a further period of one year. Bill Nathan remains on the Board as its Deputy Chairperson.