Te Haeata: A ‘new dawn’ to honour Treaty settlement commitments launched today

  • Hon Kelvin Davis
Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti

Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti Minister Kelvin Davis has today welcomed the launch of a portal that will record Treaty of Waitangi settlement commitments for Crown and iwi commitment holders to access.

“There are over 70 Treaty settlements to date, but until now there has been no single place to access the commitments arising from them,” Kelvin Davis said.

“Over 45 settlements will be in Te Haeata – the Settlement Portal on day one and more will be added in the future.

“Te Haeata is available to organisations with Treaty settlement responsibilities – the Crown, local government, post-settlement government entities and other organisations – to search for and manage settlement commitments they are involved with.”

The name ‘Te Haeata’ encapsulates a new beginning or dawning of a new era in the relationship between the Crown and iwi with Treaty settlements.

“This is all part of moving beyond the settlement of Treaty grievances into what it means to work together in partnership.

“There are a large number of commitments and this will only grow as more settlements are reached. Te Haeata will help ensure the Crown honours those commitments,” Kelvin Davis said.

Te Haeata has been developed and will be administered by the Office of Māori Crown Relations – Te Arawhiti.

Commitment holders seeking to register for access to Te Haeata can visit www.tehaeata.govt.nz or email: tehaeata@tearawhiti.govt.nz.