Taxpayers will save $2 million a year from Departmental merger

  • Nathan Guy
Archives New Zealand Internal Affairs National Library

The Minister Responsible for the National Library, Archives New Zealand and Internal Affairs has rubbished claims by Labour MP Grant Robertson that the integration of the three departments will save only $165,000 a year, putting the correct figure at closer to $2 million.

“Mr Robertson is using outdated figures,” says Mr Guy.

“The Government invested a one-off $2.5 million in the integration, and from next year onwards savings will be around $2 million annually.

“The integration has been an important step towards delivering better value and quality public services for New Zealanders.

“In the future frontline services to the public will improve as expertise and back office functions are shared.”

Attached: excerpt from the 2010 October Baseline Update for the amalgamation of Archives and National Library with Department of Internal Affairs.

$m – increase/(decrease)
  2010/11 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/15& Outyears
Archives & National Library into DIA 1.667 (2.000) (2.000) (2.000) (2.000)