Taskforce Supersedes Politics

  • Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

"The Government believes the unfinished challenge of affordable superannuation for future generations of New Zealanders is an issue that should be solved by a team of eminent New Zealanders and politicians from parties who are keen to be involved," Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said today announcing the membership of the Super 2000 Taskforce.

"The message from New Zealanders has been loud and clear. People want political parties to reach agreement on retirement income policies.

"A survey conducted for the Office of the Retirement Commissioner found that 85 per cent wanted all political parties to come to a shared agreement on superannuation. Our challenge now is to see if we can achieve this.

"The Super 2000 Taskforce is to be lead by Angela Foulkes, Secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. Deputy Chair will be Murray Horn, Managing Director of the ANZ Banking Group New Zealand.

"Their task is to build consensus around the terms of reference and establish a process where all New Zealanders can find solutions to these very important issues that will last for 20 to 30 years.

"I am delighted that such prominent New Zealanders are willing to be involved. It gives me hope that a solution may be possible.

"The Taskforce will build on the work of the Accord on Retirement Income Policies and take it a step further.

"New Zealanders on the whole are good savers. In tandem with the Retirement Commissioner's education campaigns to encourage people to save more, the Taskforce will work to find solutions to the problems an ever increasing aging population poses New Zealand.

"I am confident the Taskforce will make the progress that New Zealanders are demanding. The challenge now is for other political parties to pledge their support for this progress and come up with a solution in the latter part of 2000. Such progress would be great start to the new millennium to benefit successive generations of New Zealanders," Mrs Shipley concluded.