Take care this Christmas

  • Judith Collins

ACC Minister Judith Collins is encouraging all New Zealanders to take extra care during the holiday season, at home and on the water.

Between December 25 and January 2, ACC received around 36,500 Christmas-related injury claims, costing levy payers around $24 million to date.

“Seemingly harmless activities such as setting up and taking down Christmas trees and lights can prove risky. Small things such as following the three-points-of-contact rule when using a ladder can help reduce the risk,” Ms Collins says.

Last year, ACC received 154 Christmas tree related claims, 39 Christmas light related claims and 29 Christmas present related claims.

“We should think about the small things we can do to reduce the risk of injury – such as wiping up spills and cleaning up toys and clutter from walkways. Prevention is better than a cure and it is important we keep that in mind this festive season,” Ms Collins says.

Ms Collins is also encouraging Kiwis to be safe in and around the water this summer.

“Kiwis love being around water during summer but it’s important to know your limits, swim between the flags and look out for one another in the water.”

Last year 98 people drowned in New Zealand pools, beaches and waterways.

“This summer we want people to enjoy the water and take simple steps to keep themselves and their families safe.”