Take action over millennium exclusion - Minister

  • Marie Hasler
Cultural Affairs

Being overshadowed by Australia as the first country to see the new millennium highlights the need for New Zealanders to take action, the Minister of Cultural Affairs Marie Hasler said today.

Speaking about the recent Time magazine article which excludes New Zealand as the place to be to see in the new millennium Ms Hasler said, "it's pointless being miffed at our exclusion. Instead we need to get on and do something about it.

"The US article highlights New Zealand's lack of an international profile and the need to use every possible device to promote New Zealand as a separate and distinct nation.

"We have to show the world that the Southern Hemisphere doesn't end at Australia, but rather starts at New Zealand.

"Because of New Zealand's small size and remote location, getting an international profile is absolutely vital for our economic existence.

"The effort to retain any recognition must be relentless and ongoing. We cannot afford to be a non entity in the world scene."