Tackling family violence in our communities

  • Ruth Dyson
Social Development and Employment

Prime Minister Helen Clark and Associate Social Development Minister Ruth Dyson today joined the Families Commission and the Ministry of Social Development in launching the Campaign for Action On Family Violence.

The Campaign for Action on Family Violence is a major initiative of the Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families. The Ministry of Social Development and the Families Commission are jointly leading the $14 million campaign.

"Family violence is a community problem. We all have a responsibility to support efforts to put an end to it in our communities," Helen Clark said.

"Despite progress in shifting out-moded perceptions that family violence is a 'private' matter, there is more work to do to ensure that it is widely appreciated as a community issue.

"The campaign we launch today has a simple message. Family violence is not ok. It is not ok at any level, from verbal abuse to violent assault," Helen Clark said.

Ruth Dyson said that the campaign will add to raising awareness of the family violence in our communities.

"It will support the great work that is happening at a local level in helping change attitudes and behaviour towards family violence.

"It reminds us that we should not, and cannot, ignore the signs of violence. It reminds us that we all have a responsibility to speak out against family violence," said Ruth Dyson.

The campaign consists of three components:
Communications including mass media advertising, an 0800 number, a website, media advocacy and resource development
Community action, including a Community Action Fund and partnerships with non-government organisations and the corporate sector
Research and evaluation to measure and inform the campaign

"We are providing support, information and resources to help people understand the impact of family violence and how they can make changes in their own lives and help protect others," said Ruth Dyson.