Superward For Wairau Hospital Gets Go-ahead

  • Bill English

Health Minister Bill English announced today that the Government had formally approved a $1.5 million project to develop a superward at Wairau Hospital in Blenheim.

"Wairau Hospital has already done a successful trial combining two wards. This first stage of the project has shown that savings and better care are possible.

"The second stage of the project will see the refurbishment of the new ward, the replacement or upgrading of systems and the permanent introduction of patient-focused care.

"Stage three will involve looking at the roles of everyone who works in the wards, multi-skilling of staff, and further refinement of the patient care ideas.

"The new ward means that three existing wards, which now have 61 beds split over two floors, have been amalgamated. The remodelled and refurbished superward will have 39 beds," said Mr English.

He said the change would bring a number of benefits:

nurses would be able to spend more time with patients as work areas would be closer to patients services could be moved closer together savings could be made in the costs of running the hospital there would be an increase in the average bed occupancy rate.