SuperGold Card holders to keep moving

  • Craig Foss

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss says a review of the SuperGold Card public transport scheme ensures entitlements for card holders remain the same.

“A review of the scheme’s sustainability has identified ways to ensure value for money while maintaining the public transport services that more than 662,000 card holders now enjoy,” Mr Foss says.

“The Government is focussed on delivering long-term sustainable funding and finding the best way to work with councils and transport providers.

“It’s important to note that there will be no change to SuperGold Card entitlements — card holders will still be eligible for free off-peak travel on a wide range of services.” 

The Government has decided to:

  • Lift the moratorium on new services entering the scheme from 1 September 2015, and apply criteria for new services
  • Cap Crown funding for the scheme at $28.129 million per year for the next five years, with annual Consumer Price Index adjustments to account for inflation
  • Replace individual fare reimbursements for councils with bulk funding
  • Cap Crown funding for exempt services at their current levels, adjusted for CPI
  • Allow tendering on the Waiheke Island route where there is competition
  • Require SuperGold Card holders to purchase smartcards, such as the AT HOP card, as smartcard ticketing systems become available.

“Lifting the moratorium will enable more regional services to join the scheme and provide more opportunities for SuperGold Card holders to use public transport,” Mr Foss says.

“The change to the ‘bulk funding’ model provides regional councils with continuity of cash flow and certainty.”

The Ministry of Transport will engage with regional councils, user groups, service providers, Auckland Transport and Local Government New Zealand about the changes.

Mr Foss says the Government will review the new funding model in three years.

More information on the review is available on the Ministry of Transport website: