Suicide Prevention Plan Progress

  • Doug Graham
Youth Affairs

Government officials are drawing to a close the consultation process on developing a national youth suicide prevention strategy.

All the information and views from the consultation period are being studied by officials who will assist in forming the recommendations, on a national youth suicide prevention strategy, which are to be forwarded to the Government before the end of December.

As part of the consultation round Hon Deborah Morris today met with Hon Peter Dunne to listen to his ideas and information on how to help prevent youth suicide.

Deborah Morris said, "Peter Dunne and I are agreed that, in order for any initiative aimed at preventing youth suicide to work, it is important for like minded people to come together. The issue cuts across political lines."

"I am committed to working with others to reduce the number of youth suicides in New Zealand. Later this year I will make recommendations to Government on how we can best approach this issue from a national perspective. This issue requires the work of government, communities, schools and families," concluded Ms Morris.

An Approach for Action: Phase two in the development of a national youth suicide prevention strategy has five key goals:

Promoting well-being;
Early identification and help;
Critical support and treatment;
Support after suicide;
Information and research.