Submissions On The Rma Review

  • Simon Upton

Environment Minister Simon Upton said today that the Action for Community and Environment (ACE) were being misleading in their claim that the submission time on the RMA review has been shortened.

"The government had originally intended to release its Proposals for the RMA review on 23 October and comments were to be received until early December. The proposals follow extensive opportunities for public comment throughout the year.

As the release of the Proposals have been delayed to mid-November, the period for submissions will be extended past Christmas.

"The Government's decisions on the Amendments to the RMA will now be made in February 1999, and submissions made before the end of January will be considered. The Government's earlier announcement had envisaged policy decisions before Christmas. The delay has effectively extended the opportunity for public comment.

"Given the length of time some of the proposals have been in the public arena, I expect many will be able to respond well before then", Mr Upton