A stronger voice for teachers one step closer

The new Government’s Bill to raise the status of the teaching profession and restore teachers’ trust and confidence in it, passed its first reading in Parliament last night, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says.

The Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill will give teachers back the right to elect representatives to their own professional body.

The House voted 63 for: 46 Labour, 9 NZ First, 8 Greens; and 56 against: 56 National. Act did not vote.

The Bill increases the number of council members from nine to 13 – with seven registered teachers and principals to be directly elected by their peers and six members appointed by the Minister of Education, and includes ‘teaching’ in the name of the organisation.

“I am delighted for teachers that Parliament has moved another step closer to giving the profession back the right to determine how they are led, in a similar way to doctors, lawyers, nurses and countless other professions. It is long overdue,” Mr Hipkins said.

“While this was a good day for teaching it is sad that National couldn’t bring itself to support the notion that teachers deserve a greater say in how the profession is led and should not be shut out.

“It’s no wonder we have inherited low morale among teachers and the profession is struggling to attract new blood. I am determined to change that.”  

“I invite teachers, principals and other members of the profession to write to the Education and Workforce select committee over the next few weeks to show their support and to recommend any refinements.”

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