Step up your Cyber Defence

  • Hon Clare Curran
Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media

Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Minister Clare Curran says just doing one thing can help New Zealanders protect themselves from cyber incidents. 

This week is Cyber Smart Week, New Zealand’s cyber security awareness week.

Ms Curran says CERT NZ and Connect Smart have teamed up to help people and businesses around New Zealand improve their cyber security, and spread the word about the simple steps that can help New Zealanders stay safe online.

“We’re encouraging everyone to take some simple steps to protect themselves and their personal information.

“Simple steps such as using a different password for every online account you have, making them long and strong, and being careful about the personal information you use online like your pet’s name, are easy and just a few clicks away.”

“This year alone, there have been two global ransomware attacks that demonstrated cyber security incidents don’t discriminate. If you’re online, it can happen to you.

“As someone once told me, absolute security is really hard, but basic security isn’t, and getting the basics right can protect you from a lot of the threats that we see affecting New Zealanders online.

“The cyber threat landscape that affects New Zealand is constantly changing, but having good security practices are measures that anyone can take,” says Ms Curran.

The Cyber Smart website has everything you need to get started

Contact: Elena Scheule 04-817 6683