Stay safe on the roads these summer holidays

  • Gerry Brownlee

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee is urging road users to do their bit to be safe on the roads these holidays.

“We are currently on target for one of the lowest annual road tolls in 50 years. More lives are being saved and injuries prevented but every road user must continue to take personal responsibility on the roads to stay safe,” Mr Brownlee said.

“The NZ Transport Agency and Police will be working hard to keep the traffic flowing and help to make your trip a safe one.

“I urge road users to work with them and drive responsibly.”

The official holiday period begins at 4pm Friday 23 December 2011 and ends at 6am on Wednesday 4 January 2012.

During the 2010/2011 Christmas holiday period there were 12 fatal crashes and 263 reported injury crashes. Those crashes resulted in 12 deaths, 83 serious injuries and 298 minor injuries.

The government has worked throughout the year to implement a number of road safety initiatives as part of its Safer Journeys strategy including: raising the driving age; introducing a zero drink drive limit for young drivers and repeat offenders; and raising penalties for dangerous driving causing death.

“Ultimately keeping safe on the roads this summer is up to all of us, that way every one will get to share the holiday season with the people they care about. Have a happy and safe holiday break,” Mr Brownlee said.

Do what you can to make our roads safe:

• Be patient – the important thing is getting there, not how fast you travel

• Plan ahead and allow plenty of time – this will take the stress out of your trip

• Be well rested before your journey and share the driving

• Check your car is fit to travel – it needs to get you there in one piece

• Drive to the conditions – every road is different and every journey is different

• Don’t drink and drive

• Turn your mobile phone off

• Expect the unexpected – over the holidays the road environment can be more unpredictable.

Historic holiday road crash statistics are available on the Ministry of Transport website: