Stay safe on the roads these holidays

  • David Bennett

Associate Transport Minister David Bennett is encouraging road users to do the right thing and travel safely over the summer holidays.

"This is a special time of the year to celebrate with friends and family so we want to ensure everyone travelling on our roads gets to their destination safely,” Mr Bennett says.

“Drivers can help keep themselves, their passengers, and other road users safe by following the rules and applying common sense.”

Mr Bennett says by driving to the conditions, taking regular rest breaks, and being patient, drivers increase the chances of getting to their destination safely. 

“If we stay safe on our roads then families, friends and communities can come together and enjoy their summer holidays,” Mr Bennett says.

The official holiday period begins at 4pm on Friday 23 December and ends at 6am on Wednesday 04 January.

National and regional crash and road toll data is available on the Ministry of Transport website.