• Maurice Williamson

Minister responsible for Y2K Maurice Williamson has welcomed the vast improvement in State Sector readiness with 97 percent of high impact agencies now on target to be ready for Y2K.

Conducted by the State Services Commission, the report shows that 59 out of 61 high impact agencies are on schedule.

"This is a welcome increase from the 90 percent figure shown in the last report, but I'm disappointed to see that the Health Funding Authority and Health Benefits Limited have spoilt our hopes for a perfect result."

"I've said it many times, and I'll say it again, they must make this their number one priority and pull out all stops to be ready in time."

"However, I congratulate the remaining 59 agencies, including those who have made marked improvements since the September report."

"Overall, I believe we are in very good shape, but we must not become complacent until well into the new millennium."