Staff Positive About One-Stop-Shop

  • Peter McCardle

Minister of Employment Hon. Peter McCardle today said he was pleased that a survey of Department of Labour staff indicated that 74 percent felt the development of a one-stop-shop was positive.

Mr McCardle said the nationwide survey of 200 staff was carried out in the two days after the announcement of the integration of the NZES, LEC, IS and CEG and found that 74 percent of staff felt the new agency would be a good move.

A number of the positive features mentioned frequently by staff included the one-stop-shop for job seekers, better customer service, greater efficiency and cost reduction.

Mr McCardle said he was pleased staff were clearly supportive of the concept, particularly as small focus groups conducted by Colmar Brunton earlier in 1997 indicated some staff concerns about the changes.

"Now that there has been an announcement and the transition process is up and running, staff attitudes towards the new agency are generally positive," Mr McCardle said.