SSC report on immigration service released

  • David Parker
State Services

The State Services Commission today released a report into the Department of Labour's handling of immigration matters, State Services Minister David Parker says.

"The report thoroughly and transparently addresses the issues relating to Department of Labour's handling of immigration matters involving family members of the head of the New Zealand Immigration Service.

"It is important that New Zealanders have trust in our public institutions, and the government is determined to uphold integrity in the public sector."

A recent report confirmed New Zealand's public sector is among the most trusted in the world," David Parker said.

"It is essential that where breaches of our normally high standards occur, they are investigated and addressed, and those responsible held to account.

"The actions being undertaken by the chief executive of the Department of Labour, Christopher Blake, to respond to the recommendations in this report, will assist to restore confidence in that department.

"Indeed, David Shanks has noted in his report that he was impressed by the many Immigration officers he dealt with who were capable people of high integrity."

David Parker said New Zealanders and the government had high expectations of the public sector, and in most cases these were met. 


For further details of the report, see State Services Commission website: