Speedway Safety Improvements

  • Max Bradford

New Zealand speedways are to be made safer following action by the Occupational Safety and Health Service and Speedway New Zealand, Labour Minister Max Bradford said today.

Mr Bradford earlier this year called for an OSH report into speedway safety following a spate of tragic accidents.

Although New Zealand speedway rules were found to be superior in comparison with overseas, Mr Bradford said he welcomed moves by Speedway New Zealand to willingly modify its rules in accordance with OSH recommendations.

"This includes a modification of rules to minimise the likelihood of objects breaking away from a car and flying into a public area. This initiative will help prevent accidents such as that which killed an eight-year-old girl in January this year," Mr Bradford said.

Speedway New Zealand is also looking to develop a central vehicle history data base to monitor standards, vehicles and drivers.

Further to the OSH report, the Speedway Promoters Association of New Zealand which develops tracks and promotes meetings, has been working with OSH to develop hazard identification and management systems.

"In working with OSH, the speedway organisations have shown a responsible attitude following the spate of accidents earlier this year."

OSH and the Land Transport Safety Authority would continue to assist speedway organisations in ongoing work on safety rules to ensure New Zealand maintained safe speedway tracks, Mr Bradford said.