Small businesses key players across all industries

  • Craig Foss
Small Business

Small Business Minister Craig Foss today released the latest Small Businesses in New Zealand factsheet, giving a detailed snapshot of how small businesses in New Zealand are making an impact across all industries.

“Small and medium-sized firms make a huge contribution to New Zealand’s economy and this factsheet really illustrates that,” Mr Foss says.

“It reinforces other reports which show that smaller businesses dominate our industries and play a vital role in generating jobs, innovation and overseas income.”

The factsheet confirms:

  • 97 per cent of all enterprises have fewer than 20 employees 
  • These small enterprises employ almost a third of workers in New Zealand
  • They produce an estimated 26 per cent of New Zealand’s GDP
  • Businesses with fewer than 20 employees created almost half of all jobs in the year ending December 2014.

“Small firms have a greater diversity of ownership structures and tend to be younger than larger firms,” Mr Foss says.

The factsheet is a summary of results from Statistics New Zealand data relating to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Small Businesses in New Zealand is available at: