Sleepover Wages (Settlement) Bill to be introduced

  • Tony Ryall

A Bill to legislate the Sleepover wages settlement will be introduced to the House later today by Health Minister Tony Ryall.

The Sleepover Wages (Settlement) Bill will confirm the agreement between IDEA Services Ltd and its employees, and provide the framework to resolve other employers' and employees' claims.

The Bill is to be introduced to the House under urgency and have its first reading tonight, and will be referred to the Health Select committee. The committee will report back by Monday 3 October. It is the Government's intention to pass the legislation before Parliament rises before the general election.

The Bill resolves a court dispute that dates from 2007 and addresses recent decisions made by the Court of Appeal and the Employment Court in relation to Idea Services Limited V Phillip William Dickson. The Bill sets in place a responsible and sustainable framework to remedy the sleepovers issue between Crown funded employers and their employees.

The Government is committing $27.5m to assist Crown funded employers in the health and disability sector to settle valid back wage claims and up to $90m over three years to support employers phase in the minimum wage.

This Bill will ensure that some of the most vulnerable people continue to receive quality care in the community.