Shooting in Massey

  • Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern
  • Hon Stuart Nash
Prime Minister Police

The Prime Minister and Minister of Police have issued the following statement on the shooting in Massey this morning.

“This is devastating news. Our police officers work hard everyday to keep us and our communities safe,” said Jacinda Ardern.

“To lose a Police officer is to lose someone working for all of us, but also a family member, someone’s loved one and friend. My condolences go to them and to their Police whanau,” said Jacinda Ardern.

“We are heartbroken for the family and colleagues of the officer who has died today,” said Stuart Nash.

“We want all our Police officers to get home safely at the end of every working day. This is a tragic day for our Police family.

“We have another officer injured by gun fire and a member of the public has also been injured by a fleeing offender. Our thoughts are with them.

“I have spoken to the Commissioner of Police this morning to ensure that he and his senior commanders have all the resources they need to respond. Police will provide further updates as they are able to.

“The officers’ families and colleagues also need all the support they can get. This will take a toll on them in the days and weeks ahead.

“I want to thank those who were first on the scene to help and acknowledge the health professionals who worked to treat the officers.

“In the history of New Zealand policing since 1890, 22 officers have been shot and killed on duty, most recently Senior Constable Len Snee in Napier in 2009. Since 2002, 15 officers have been wounded by firearms.

“Massey has a strong community spirit and this will be frightening for the locals caught up in this. I urge members of the public to follow instructions from Police and to keep themselves safe,” said Mr Nash.