• Winston Peters
Deputy Prime Minister

ACT MP Ken Shirley is playing stupid party politics in calling for the Minister of Transport to visit Tauranga to examine transport issues, says Deputy Prime Minister and Tauranga MP Winston Peters.

"For Mr Shirley's information the Hon Maurice Williamson has been scheduled for some time to visit Tauranga and has been kept constantly abreast of transport issues in this area.

"That is why Tauranga District Council representatives were added to the Government working group on roading reform.

"It's within the wider package of roading reforms that Tauranga's roading needs will be met - a roading reform process gravely neglected by Mr Shirley and his colleagues when they were last in Government.

"I have kept the Mayor of Tauranga informed on a monthly basis of progress on a wide range of issues including facilitating the handover of Tauranga Airport to local authorities, roading reform and how it will benefit Tauranga and the timeliness for implementation.

"Silly meddling by fly-by-night politicians will not help this proesss.

"Mr Shirley will be disappointed of course to learn that the roading reforms will not see roads owned by his business mates from abroad but rather retain ownership with the people of New Zealand," Mr Peters said.