• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

National party leader-elect Jenny Shipley welcomes the New Zealand First party's decision to continue in coalition with National.

"The National -New Zealand First Government is a successful blend of centre and centre right policies that can deliver a better future for New Zealanders. It has already delivered many positive new programmes and initiatives, in line with the goals set in the Coalition Agreement. There are many more that will contribute to continued economic growth while meeting New Zealanders' social concerns.

"The New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters and I have had some very positive discussions. I look forward to speaking with him further over the next three weeks and I'm sure we will work together constructively.

" We have not re-negotiated the Coalition Agreement. What we have done is renew our commitment to the programme set out in it. We also have resolved to bring a new determination to our performance in the House, our presentation of our programme, and our management of the issues.

"We look forward to progressively delivering on that programme over the next two years, so that New Zealanders have a clear choice between what we offer and what the opposition parties stand for.

"We will continue to blend the values and aspirations of National and New Zealand First in a common sense way, so that New Zealanders can feel enthusiastic and positive about the future of this wonderful country," Jenny Shipley concluded.