Seniors urged to support Youth Week

  • John Carter
Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Minister John Carter is encouraging older members of the community, including grandparents, to get behind Youth Week: 22-30 May.

"Senior citizens and youth have some common ground in that there are preconceived notions about how they look, feel and behave," Mr Carter says.

"As Minister for Senior Citizens one of my priorities is changing attitudes about ageing and doing away with some of these preconceptions. Intergenerational programmes and activities are a good starting point for this and it is not all a one-way street.

"Older people can learn from the young as well, particularly about technology. Having mobile phone and computer skills and an understanding of the capacity of the Internet can open new doors for older people.

"Youth Week is a good opportunity for senior members of communities around New Zealand to spend some time with young people, maybe their grandchildren or youth from their neighbourhood.

"Being a young person in New Zealand can be challenging and it is important that our youth have people they can trust to listen to and support them.

"Many older people have lived through, seen and done all sorts of things themselves, so can be a receptive and wise ear for youth.

"I urge senior citizens to support Youth Week in whatever way they see as appropriate."