School Administration Facilities To Be Upgraded

  • Wyatt Creech

The Government had approved a $20 million programme to provide better facilities for people involved in running schools around the country, Education Minister Wyatt Creech said today.

The money, which is part of the Governments $382 million school property works programme for 1998/99, will be used to upgrade the administration facilities at 75 schools, half of them in Auckland.

"These schools have the greatest need. Their administration facilities have not expanded at the pace as their school rolls and classroom numbers have," said Mr Creech. "Their rolls have grown dramatically over recent years and office, staffroom and resource space is in urgent need of attention. This is particularly the case in Auckland where rolls of some schools have doubled because of school age population growth.

"The Government recognises the pressing need and this is the third year in a row that money has been set aside to provide more school administrative space and improve the layout of existing facilities."

In total $60 million will have been spent at over 250 schools throughout the country to improve administration blocks, in addition to upgrading carried out through other programmes such as modernisation and the Financial Assistance Scheme."

"When the wave of growth started priority was given to providing classrooms, as the need to provide space for students came first," said Mr Creech. "Then it became the turn of staff and teachers. In essence, Government is meeting the challenge of burgeoning school rolls and targeted funding to where the need is greatest in terms of this growth."