Safer workplaces tomorrow's winners

  • Marie Hasler
Associate Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance

Hon Marie Hasler, Associate Minister ARCI, welcomes the new ACC environment beginning tomorrow and says employers with safer workplaces will be the winners.

"In the past New Zealand paid too high a cost for work-related injuries, but these reforms give employers more incentives to make their workplaces safer," Ms Hasler said.

"Estimates see work-related injuries alone costing this country some $4.2 billion a year. That's $16.5 million every 24 hours. Or, a million dollars every one and a half hours.

"This is a massive waste, not just in ACC claims, but also in lost production, the training of replacement workers, as well as the loss of goodwill and staff morale.

"Beyond measure is the tragic cost of lost lives, lost livelihoods and lost quality of life.

"Last year alone some 88,000 New Zealanders received ACC entitlements for work-related injuries and during the same time 173 New Zealanders went off to work and never came home - tragically, inexcusably, killed at work.

"Already we are seeing clear evidence showing employers are taking advantage of the new environment and making the most of the choices they have available to them.

"Employers with good safety records will benefit the most and this will set the scene for fewer accidents in the workplace."