• Murray McCully
Accident Insurance

ACC Minister Murray McCully has accused Labour's Ruth Dyson of misleading Parliament and has laid a breach of privilege claim with Parliament's Speaker.

"On July 1st Ruth Dyson claimed to have identified a case where an employer's ACC levy had doubled because her employee was blind.

"Naturally I was concerned at this allegation and made enquiries through the Insurance Council

"The particular case has been identified and the Department of Labour has made enquiries. Neither I, nor the Department of Labour has made any direct approach to the employer or her employee. I received a verbal report today.

"Ms Dyson makes two allegations which are simply not true. The first is that the employer's premiums have doubled. The fact is that they have almost halved against their previous ACC levies. In addition, all of the quotes from insurers would have resulted in substantial savings, based on the payroll at the time.

"Her second allegation that the reason for the increase was because the employee is blind is again false. No account was taken of the fact that the employee was blind by any of the insurers, in fact none of the insurers would have known that she was blind, and could not possibly have discriminated on those grounds.

"It is disgraceful enough that Ruth Dyson would seek to use the circumstances of an individual for petty political advantage.

"It is even more disgraceful that she could do so recklessly, or even worse knowingly. I will ask the Speaker to determine which in the context of a breach of privilege complaint which I have filed today".