Rural tour strikes fear in Labour

  • David Carter
Associate Minister for Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control

Helen Clark's attack in the House today of National's rural tour shows how out of touch Labour is with farmers, Associate Minister for Food and Fibre David Carter said today.

"Labour doesn't like farmers. They crucified many farmers with high interest rates last time they were Government and now all they can do is attack National because we are out there listening to farmers.

"Labour so damaged New Zealand agriculture they had to give money to farmers to leave their farms," he said.

"The tour has been welcomed by farmers around New Zealand but it is striking fear in the heart of Labour MPs because they know they have a poor track record with farmers," Mr Carter said.

"National MPs are touring rural New Zealand because that is our grassroots and we want to be sure our policies continue to take on board the concerns of rural communities.

"National is going into woolsheds, cowsheds, country halls and pubs because we are proud of our achievements and want to face farmers and tell them what the Government has done and to hear from farmers," Mr Carter said.