Rural Tour - David Carter and Eric Roy

  • David Carter
Associate Minister for Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control

Associate Food and Fibre Minister David Carter said today the rural tour was reinforcing the need for sound fiscal management from the Government.

"For most New Zealand farmers, interest rates are their single largest cost," Mr Carter said.

"With careful mangement interest rates have fallen on average by six percent under National. For an average sheep and beef farmer that means a $15,000 saving per year. The average dairy farmer is saving about $22,200 annually in interest rates.

"These savings are on top of other smaller savings in costs of ACC, tariffs on plant, killing charges and stamp duty," Mr Carter said.

National MP Eric Roy said today the rural tour was highlighting how deeply suspicious farmers are of Helen Clark's credit card of promises.

"Farmers are gravely concerned. They want to know who will be footing the bill.

"They say it only takes a phone call to stop a thief spending up large if their own credit card is stolen. It could take three years to stop Labour," Mr Roy said.

"Farmers know how important good fiscal management is to their bank balance. They don't have a regular salary automatically paid into their bank account every fortnight. The way the Government controls government debt, spending and inflation, directly hits their pockets.

"Farmers are consistently telling us they want sound ficsal management and that is one of the messages I will be taking back to Wellington," Mr Roy said.