RSI System Performance Report released

  • Hon Dr Megan Woods
Research, Science and Innovation

Research, Science and Innovation Minister Hon Dr Megan Woods today announced the release of the 2018 Research, Science and Innovation System Performance Report, detailing how New Zealand is performing in key areas.

“Findings show that New Zealand’s science system is highly productive, and produces a large amount of publications both per researcher and per $1 million spent on higher education and research,” said Dr Woods.

“New Zealand’s international collaboration rates are high and we have strong connections with key overseas partners, including in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and China.

“The Report also tells us that while only 20% of New Zealand university graduates specialise in STEM subjects, we have a net brain-gain with more STEM professionals migrating to New Zealand than STEM professionals departing.

“The science system is a key lever to achieving the ambitious goals we have set for New Zealand, including our commitment to lift the wellbeing of our society, undertake a just transition to a low carbon economy, and help Kiwi firms move further up the value chain and deliver higher wages by increasing investment in R&D.

“The Report shows that the total expenditure on R&D was 1.23% of GDP in 2016. We are committed to raising this to 2% – an increase that will require sustained growth in R&D investment by both the public and private sectors. The R&D Tax Incentive, announced last week, will be a significant addition to government support for business innovation.

“Industry research cooperatives, including levy bodies, will be eligible for the scheme which will help to boost academic-business collaborations – something the report shows we are lagging behind in,” says Dr Woods.

“To advance on the journey to a more inclusive, productive and sustainable economy, we must understand how the system is currently performing. This evidence base increases transparency and provides a central, reliable source of summary data on the system,” says Dr Woods.

The Report presents a series of findings from across the system, and compares New Zealand’s performance to other similar-sized economies and Australia.

Read the 2018 Research, Science and Innovation System Performance Report on the MBIE website.