Rollout of fast internet for schools completed

  • Hekia Parata

Education Minister Hekia Parata today welcomed the completion of the project to provide schools with fast, uncapped, Crown-funded internet.

“A total of 2431 schools are now connected to the $211 million N4L Managed Network, says Ms Parata.

“This is about providing schools and students across New Zealand with access to the vast world of learning resources available online.”

With the rollout completed, more than 789,000 students and teachers are using the N4L Managed Network for learning.

“This was a very successful project given it involved a large-scale rollout that was completed ahead of schedule and within budget,” says Ms Parata.

“I’d like to acknowledge the N4L team who embraced the project with passion and commitment, and were very responsive to the needs of individual schools.

“Young people today are globally connected like never before, and it’s important we equip them to become confident, connected, lifelong learners.”

N4L’s focus will now turn to enhancing services and developing new platforms to help schools make the most of their digital connections.