Rodney Hide - Again Desperate For A Headline!

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Revenue

"Rodney Hide's claim that Inland Revenue has blocked the release of an internal market research report is rubbish," says the Associate Minister of Revenue, Hon David Carter.

"On Christmas Eve Mr Hide requested a copy of an internal market research report from IRD-a faxed request that was received by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue on Christmas Day!"

"Mr Hide then accused IRD of blocking the report -an allegation that is simply ludicrous as he well knows IRD staff only returned to work today and weren't around to process his request over the holiday period."

Mr Carter said he had personally delivered a copy of the report to Mr Hide's office today.

"This is just one of dozens of market research reports that Inland Revenue completes during the year, and this report contained nothing startling in its findings that "some" people dislike the department and think the tax system is unfair."

"If Mr Hide thinks he has found something damaging in this - he's lost the plot."

"If everybody loved Inland Revenue, the department wouldn't be doing its job bringing in much needed revenue," says Mr Carter.

"What Mr Hide conveniently avoids telling people is the good news about Inland Revenue, like the marked improvement in their telephone service over the last 12 months."

"This is a direct result of the new focus on telephone calls which means the majority of customer inquiries to Inland Revenue are now answered in 30 seconds."

"This allegation is very similar in style to his previous allegation that dozens of IRD staff were engaging in corrupt practices at work, subsequently found to be completely without substance by the State Services Commissioner."

"The Act MP suffered a serious blow to his reputation with this allegation. If I was him I'd avoid making the same mistake here."

"The staff of IRD should not have to continue to bear unfounded allegations from this Member of Parliament," says Mr Carter.