• Maurice Williamson

"Technology can now provide answers to the problems posed by today's roading and transportation needs, that until a few years ago were at arms length," Minister of Communications Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson today officially launched an on-line roading reform forum internet site which is hoped will broaden the current debate on road reform.

"At the same time we can consider satellite tracking to introduce 'congestion pricing' and therefore better management of our roading resource, we can now also utilise the internet to introduce even more public opinion into policy decision making.

"A future where governance is on-line will move us closer to a pure democratic model than ever before. I can see a time when the public will be able to witness at first hand the development of policy.

"Britain is already developing such a concept to ensure as much informed input as possible can be stitched into policy making.

"This roading reform site has been established to further broaden public consultation on one of the most crucial issues facing New Zealand and I welcome constructive comment," Mr Williamson said.

The Road Reform Forum can be found at