Revised Racing Bill will go to the Cabinet

  • Annette King

Racing Minister Annette King will take a revised racing bill to the Cabinet this month, and if the Government approves the bill it will be introduced to Parliament in the next few months.

Changes to the draft bill have been made after extensive discussions with the three code chairmen and industry sectors.

"I have talked to a wide range of racing people. Their response to the bill, which effectively merges the TAB and the Racing Industry Board, has been generally favourable, but there were some concerns about the appointment processes," Mrs King said.

"After constructive discussions this week with the codes we have agreed on some changes to those processes. I think the changes will clear the way for broader industry support for the new legislation. I am, therefore, pleased to put the bill forward to my colleagues knowing it is endorsed by the industry."

For more information, contact John Harvey (04) 4719305 or Trish Ranstead (04) 471 9827.

NB: The proposed changes to the Racing Bill are attached.

Proposed changes:

1. Membership of the Governing Body of the New Zealand Racing Board
(1)The Governing Body of the New Zealand Racing Board consists of seven members, acceptable to the Minister, being-
(a)an independent chairperson appointed by the Minister after consultation with the industry;
(b)one person appointed by the Minister on the direct nomination of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing;
(c)one person appointed by the Minister on the direct nomination of Harness Racing New Zealand;
(d)one person appointed by the Minister on the direct nomination of the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association; and
(e)three persons appointed by the Minister on the advice of the Nominations Advisory Panel referred to in section 2, and following the nomination and consultation process described in that section.

2. Nominations Advisory Panel
(1)The Nominations Advisory Panel consists of five members, being-
(a)the responsible Minister, who will chair the panel;
(b)the independent chairperson of the New Zealand Racing Board; and
(c)the three chairpersons of the racing codes.
(2)The NAP shall recommend to the Minister the appointment of three persons to the Governing Body of the NZRB, under Section 1 (1) (e).
(3)The NAP may not recommend the appointment of the three persons unless
(a)the Minister has identified the desired skills and qualifications of nominees and has sought nominations of persons for appointment to the NZRB;
(b)the recognised industry organisations have been given a reasonable period during which to make nominations (which must not be less than four weeks);
(c)the Minister has distributed a list of all those persons who have agreed to be nominated to serve on the NZRB to the recognised industry organisations;
(d)the three codes have consulted their affiliated recognised industry organisations on the list of those persons nominated to serve, and the codes have given those organisations a reasonable opportunity to comment (not less than seven days); and
(e)the NAP has met to consider the list of those nominated to serve, taking into account the results of the consultation with the recognised industry organisations and the desired skills and qualifications;
(4)No person can be appointed to serve on the NZRB under Section 1 (1) (e) without first being considered for appointment by the NAP.