Review of Police Management

  • Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

Police Minister Jack Elder today welcomed the public release of the revised Review of Police Administration and Management Structures together with the submission of the Police Commissioner to the independent reviewer.

The Review will contribute to higher levels of personal security for all New Zealanders, Mr Elder said.

"The aim of the Review is to make sure as many of the resources available to Police are focussed on frontline, practical, policing.

"It is about moving resources from the backroom to the frontline, with all administrative savings made being reinvested in Police."

Mr Elder said he was extremely pleased with the progress made in the Police portfolio since he became Minister.

"The public now knows we have the highest ever level of Police staff and the highest ever Police budget.

An extra $57 million was made available for the Police in this financial year, Mr Elder said.

"The Coalition Agreement promised an extra 500 frontline Police, and we are bang-on target to deliver on this. On election night there were 6384 frontline Police officers. As of last week, there were 6691 - an increase of 307," Mr Elder said.

"The crime rate is trending steadily down, particularly in those areas specially targeted by Police."

Statistics released in June showed that the rate of recorded crime fell by 4.07 percent last year.

"The road safety news is extremely encouraging, with this year comparing well with 1996, the year with the lowest number of road fatalities.

"In this year to date, there have been 297 fatalities. At the same time in 1996, there had been 304."

"These achievements are a reflection of the professionalism and dedication of New Zealand's Police staff.

"The work that has gone into this review of Police management has a very good potential to increase the resources available to officers on the frontline, and to increase the safety and security of New Zealanders."