Restricted Building Work confirmed

  • Maurice Williamson
Building and Construction

Restricted Building Work (RBW) will be introduced from next year, Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson said today.

From 1 March 2012 design and construction work relating to primary structure such as foundations, floor, load-bearing walls and columns, roof work and weathertightness such as exterior cladding and joinery will only be able to be carried out or supervised by licensed building practitioners.

“Unlicensed building practitioners who carry out restricted building work unsupervised can be prosecuted and face fines of up to $20,000 and may be required to remove their building work,” Mr Williamson said.

RBW is a critical part of the plan to remove red tape by placing more reliance on skilled and accountable practitioners doing quality work.

Homeowners can access the Licensed Building Practitioners registrar at