Response from the Minister of Housing to Labour's Caucus Committee Report on Northland Housing

  • Murray McCully

Housing Minister Murray McCully has described Labour's Northland housing report as "a lazy piece of work, even by Mr Kelly's standards".

"I have been working with local tribes for the past three years to deliver the types of programmes that they believe will provide a solution," Mr McCully said.

"Over 1,400 people have now completed the home ownership course in Northland and 133 Housing Corporation loans have been approved there to date.

"I have already indicated that enhancements to the programme are before my colleagues for decision.

"There is nothing in Mr Kelly's report which offers any constructive ideas.

"To have a taxpayer-paid junket around Northland for two days and then come up with the recommendation that the Government should 'urgently develop a new strategy' is an insult to the people of Northland and taxpayers generally."