Respect not threats for our seniors

  • Craig Foss
Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Minister Craig Foss says older people need to be aware of their rights, and the services and resources that are available to them.

“Elder abuse and neglect can have devastating consequences for older people, and wide-ranging long-term effects on physical and mental health, finances, living arrangements and family” said Mr Foss.

“Research estimates that between 3 and 10 percent of our seniors are being abused in some way, most don’t get the help they need. I wholeheartedly support anything that is done to turn this around.

“World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is tomorrow, and I would especially like to thank all New Zealanders, who together with specialist elder abuse and neglect prevention services, play an important role in ensuring this issue is not hidden.

“Behaviour as neighbours and community members is something we are all responsible for as individuals.

“I believe everyone should know how to identify and deal with elder abuse and neglect” said Mr Foss.