• Jim Bolger
Prime Minister

The Prime Minister Jim Bolger said today he had with regret accepted the resignation from the executive of the Hon Christine Fletcher, Minister of Local Government, Women's Affairs and Cultural Affairs.

"Mrs Fletcher advised me last night that she has for some time had frustrations in dealing with the processes and procedures of government as she sought to pursue her portfolio interests.

"She discussed her matters of concern with me. While I asked her to reconsider her intentions she today confirmed her intention to resign her portfolios and as a member of the Executive Council. I have with regret accepted her decision, but appreciate that it was one for her alone to make.

"Christine has put time, energy and commitment into her portfolios. I know many in the sectors she worked in will be sorry to see her go."

Mr Bolger said while Mrs Fletcher was resigning as a member of the executive, she would still remain as the National Member of Parliament for Epsom.