Resignation Of HFA Chief Executive

  • Bill English

Health Minister Bill English said today he was sorry that the chief executive of the Health Funding Authority, Phil Pryke, had resigned, but pleased to see talented people in the health service being recognised.

"I am sorry to see Mr Pryke go, but it is good to see people who have done a good job in the New Zealand health system have their abilities recognised in the international community.

"Mr Pryke brought to the job a special ability to cut through the complexity of issues and make decisions that gave people confidence and generated the impetus for improved services.

"It has been a huge task to bring together four regional health authorities into a national organisation and there are high expectations of the HFA as it settles into its new structure. There is a lot of positive momentum for better care and better services and the next chief executive of the HFA will be able to build on that so we can rebuild public confidence in health services," said Mr English.