Report takes a comprehensive look at welfare system

  • Paula Bennett
Social Development and Employment Youth Affairs

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett welcomes the Welfare Working Group report into long-term welfare dependency.

“New Zealand now has an opportunity to make real, lasting change to our welfare system to break the cycle of dependency,” says Ms Bennett.

The report containing 43 recommendations will be considered by the Government.

The work of the Welfare Working Group will further inform the Government as it embarks on detailed policy work.

“This will take time and we’ll keep talking to New Zealanders about the kind of welfare system they want, that is fair and effective,” says Ms Bennett.

“This Government certainly believes a radical shift is needed, to put the focus on what people can do, not what they can’t do,” says Ms Bennett.

“We have more than 350,000 New Zealanders on benefits and we can do much better by many of them, by backing them into work,” says Ms Bennett.

“This will be policy for a recovering economy, we’re planning ahead so that when the jobs become available, people will be ready for them,” says Ms Bennett.

The Welfare Working Group report is available at: