Report on parts B and C of inquiry into whey protein contamination incident received

  • Nikki Kaye
  • Nathan Guy
Food Safety Primary Industries

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy and Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye have received the first of two reports from the Government’s inquiry into the whey protein concentrate contamination incident. The report is on Parts B and C of the inquiry.

Ministers will now consider the report on Parts B and C and its recommendations. The report will be released along with the Government’s response within the next two weeks.

Parts B and C of the inquiry look at food safety regulatory and best practice requirements against the background of this incident in relation to the dairy industry.

Part A of the inquiry cannot be completed until the regulator, the Ministry for Primary Industries, completes its compliance investigation. It will look at how the potentially contaminated whey protein concentrate entered the New Zealand and international market, and how this was subsequently addressed.

The Government’s inquiry is being headed by Miriam Dean CNZM QC, assisted by Tony Nowell CNZM and Dr Anne Astin PSM.