Report on greyhounds makes sobering reading

  • Hon Meka Whaitiri

The Associate Minister of Agriculture responsible for Animal Welfare, Hon Meka Whaitiri says the greyhound racing industry has a lot of work to do before it meets the standards for proper animal welfare.

“I support the comments made by the Racing Minister, Rt Hon Winston Peters on the findings of today’s Hansen report into the greyhound industry. He says the report reveals that the rates of dog euthanasia, the number of dogs that can’t be accounted for and low rates for rehoming are unacceptable.

“New Zealanders expect that animals are treated humanely while they are racing and after they have retired from racing and this report demonstrates that the industry has some way to go to meet those expectations.

“My independent advisory committee, the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) has reviewed the Hansen report  and supports the recommendations it makes.

“NAWAC is also working on a discussion paper on the uses of animals in the entertainment field, including greyhound racing. I have asked NAWAC to report to me regularly on the progress the industry is making towards meeting the recommendations and I expect to see significant movement over the coming year,” says Hon Meka Whaitiri.