• Tau Henare
Maori Affairs

The Acting Minister of Communications, Hon John Luxton and the Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon Tau Henare, announced today the release of a report on the establishment of a Maori television trust.

In May, in considering its Maori television policy, the Government decided that the assets needed to establish a Maori television channel aimed primarily at the promotion of the Maori language ( reserved UHF frequencies and capital funding) should be managed by a Maori television trust.

The Government set up a small group to report on the establishment of such a trust. Bill Falconer (Chair), Whaimutu Dewes, Waihoro Shortland, Robyn Bargh and Ian Taylor were appointed to the group. The group has now completed its report.

"In the course of its work, the group held informal discussions with representatives of some of the national Maori organisations, and other Maori groups with an interest and involvement in the promotion of Maori language and Maori broadcasting.

Before making any decisions on the report, however, the Government wishes to give interested parties a further opportunity to comment," the Ministers said.

Members of the group will be presenting and explaining their report at three workshops to be held next week in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Written submissions on the report are also being invited.

The report, together with its appendices, may be viewed at the Ministry of Commerce's website: