Rent Striker Earning Just Under Average Wage

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

Housing New Zealand rent striker, Richard Waimotu, admitted yesterday that he earns just under the average wage, Housing New Zealand Minister, Tony Ryall said today.

"The Herald reported today that Waimotu admitted to earning "more than $31,000 a year" (article attached). The average income in New Zealand is $35,750", said Mr Ryall.

"Richard Waimotu has been living in a three bedroom house in Auckland and he has been paying just $65 a week. That's about 10 percent of his income in rent, not the 25 percent he claims to be paying. Since the start of March he has been contributing nothing at all.

"He also pays his gym membership before he pays for his accommodation (Manukau Courier, 3 November 1998, attached).

"This simply is not fair on the taxpayers of New Zealand, a lot of whom are earning considerably less than Richard Waimotu, to expect them to subsidise his life-style.

"This Government is spending a massive $860 million a year on income related assistance to help with the cost of accommodation for 300,000 New Zealand families", concluded Mr Ryall.